Risks of Relying on Bilingual Employees for Interpreting


Depending on bilingual employees to provide interpretation services can have its risks. These risks include exposing confidential information and privacy concerns, which are particularly important in healthcare and social service settings. Professional interpreters are trained to comply with HIPAA guidelines and adhere to a code of ethics. Qualitative data When studying the risks of relying […]

What Exactly Is A Hyperpolyglot?


The question is: “What exactly is a hyperpolyglot?” Erard believes hyperpolyglots are “not born, but made.” They have the right genetic predisposition, a curious mind, and a dedication to mastering multiple languages. To become a hyperpolyglot, you must have all of these traits. If you want to be one, it will not be easy. Steve […]

The Importance of Accurate Translations


While there are individuals who require a translation for their own personal use, most translation requests are for business documents. These documents may be announcements for new hires, mergers, local business requirements, or even medical histories. Accurate translation is essential for these documents, since they may have a huge impact on people. Luckily, there are […]

How to Set an Objective For Your Event


When establishing an objective, you can choose SMART goals. These goals are time-sensitive, specific, and measurable. They are tied to the primary purpose of your event. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of attendees, you can set a time limit to reach that number. SMART goals are attainable, so they motivate […]

Tips For Improving Your Multilingual Customer Service


Providing excellent customer service in multiple languages is a great way to differentiate your business and get an edge over your competitors. The fact is, buying is not a purely logical decision; emotions play an important role. In a world where people are more diverse than ever, offering multilingual customer service can help businesses stand […]

Why Multilingualism is on the Rise


Research has shown that poor language skills cost Britain around 3.5% of its GDP each year. While poor language skills may seem limiting, studies have shown that languages actually improve trade relations. German companies that invested in multilingual staff and German translators found they added 10 new export markets each year, while those that didn’t […]

5 Tips to Make a Good Impression at Your First Event


There are five essential tips to make a good impression at your very first event. Make sure you dress for success, look your best, and make eye contact with everyone. Pay attention to the people around you and be genuine. The right impression will last a long time and people will remember you for who […]

How to Spend Your Event Budget to Create Maximum Impact


As you plan an event, you must keep in mind that the basic expenses are most important. Among them are food and beverage, audio/visual, and venue rental. Whether you’re planning a conference or a small networking event, the most basic expenses must be prioritized. However, you must remember that attendees will not care about your […]

The Growing Need For Professional Translation Services


With the increasing influx of multi-national corporations and manufactures, the demand for translation services will grow. As this industry expands, foreign players will also seek to acquire local language translation providers. Additionally, there is expected to be a growing influx of immigrants, which will spur growth in the translation industry. Boostlingo, a company that specializes […]

How to Pay for Translation


There are two ways to pay for translation. You can choose to pay per word or by the hour. In some cases, you can also choose a flat fee, which is the cheapest option. In addition to these options, you can choose to hire a freelance translator or a German translation agency. Freelance translators can […]