Easy to Follow Tips to Make Your Zoom Meetings More Productive


With Zoom, it is easy to interrupt your meeting by dings from your chat platform, email notifications, and text messages from your laptop. To prevent this from happening, deliberately turn off notifications before your meeting starts. Similarly, muting the audio will prevent participants from being interrupted by other people in the meeting. Lastly, you can use virtual backgrounds to create an interesting environment in your Zoom meeting.

I Spy backgrounds

Playing I Spy with virtual backgrounds can be a fun and exciting way to engage the participants in your Zoom meeting. Have students describe what they see in the background of the zoom call in order to find their own. Each participant must search through the other participants’ backgrounds to discover the student’s. It is a quick and fun 5-minute activity for all participants. You can make use of your Zoom video backgrounds to add a fun new dimension to your Zoom meetings.


Zoom’s in-meeting product allows users to add annotations to their screen during video calls. Screen annotations can help remote teams brainstorm and collaborate during meetings. When you’re screen sharing, you can select View Option and Annotate from the menu. There are several different annotation tools, including text, draw, and arrow. You can save the entire screen or whiteboard with annotations, or disable them for the attendees.

Virtual backgrounds

There are a few easy to follow tips to make your Zoom meetings more productive and dynamic. First, hide your workspace by using a virtual background. Zoom’s cool feature allows you to practice screen sharing without being on the call. Besides, it will also save you a lot of time. Secondly, you can use a virtual background for reenactments or to pick a geographic landmark.

Waiting room

If you’re struggling to make your Zoom meetings more productive, consider a few of Rogelberg’s easy to follow tips. The first thing to remember is to avoid allowing too many questions. Instead, use polls to encourage people to participate and give their opinions. By keeping the questions to a minimum, participants can keep the meeting on track and not waste their time digging through dozens of folders.

Noise cancellation software

The attendance list of a Zoom meeting is accessible under the Reports section of your account. To view your attendee list, you must be the host of the meeting or a role with Usage Reports enabled. Moreover, you must have a Pro, API Partner, Business, Education Plus plan. Gather attendees’ name and industry affiliation. Keeping records of attendees’ names will help you track attendance.

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